Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rain, rain go away come back another day...

Not much on the fishing front has been accomplished. I did receive a new to me net and a couple of new packs for day trips but with all the rain not much time for the water. We have had rain virtually everyday for the last 7 days with today the first completely rain free day. I did manage to make a quick trip this morning to view the chocolate streams though they weren't as high as I expected they had virtually no visibility in them. I did take my rod and I did catch a few Rainbows for the skillet and had some fried fish for lunch, they were super tasty and only makes me want to get out even more.

As for the new toys to arrive I received a net that was crafted by Sam Lacina over at this net is made from 100% solid curly Maple and has a fit and finish like no other net I have seen before. The seller did change out the standard net for a Tenkara net in brown which complements this net nicely. It didn't come with a net release so I contacted Sam and purchased a leather net release that will be attached to a custom rod sling that I am making for my rods to transport in and out of the field. Here are a few pictures of the net this is Sams American Tenkara Net. I would highly recommend his nets to anyone as they are hand made here in the good ol USA.

I also received a pair of Kelty Vintage Series Mockingbird and Wren Packs. My goal is to find a way to attach them together for a strong day pack that can hold lots of items well organized for a day or longer trip. Currently they are just laying on the floor as I try to find the best way to attack them together. That will be another post for another day. For now I think it is time to grab a nap and follow the weather to see what it has in stock for the upcoming week. Till the next time enjoy and tight lines.