Monday, May 20, 2013

Warm days, cold water...

As we start to warm up in these parts I ran to a small stream about an hour away. Not so much to fish but to get some ideas. I've got several write ups in the works on various topics and pieces of equipment , just not sure how to lay it all out. I have recently acquired a Silky SuperAccel 210 packable saw for day and camping trips. I need to get out and get some use on it and with the recent string of storms that have and are expected to come through I should be able to find some nice wood to test on. Also, I have several knives that I pack when on day trips that I would like to review.

Now back to my quick get a way, I have fished this stream all winter long even in the near zero days. It is a gorgeous small creek that is home to Browns, Brooks, and Rainbows. I spent many a day this winter scouting this stream for spring and summer fishing and now it is nearly a bust. There is a ton of sand washing down stream filling in all the holes and undercut banks turning 3' deep pools into 6" deep shallow runs. The pockets of fish seem to keep getting smaller and smaller as the stream fills in. As much as I have to say it I would love to see us get some torrential downpours to wash the stream out and back to its' winter time beauty. I did manage to land a few small fish, and they were quickly released back for another day but I was hoping to find inspiration there today and only left with more questions.

So to close this out it wasn't a horrible day by any means, a sunny 84 with expectations of more severe weather to come tonite. I'm hoping for a bruiser of a storm to clean the stream out and return it to its peaceful flows of yesteryear.