Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunny Sunday afternoon... 6-2-2013

Sun was shinning so I ventured back out for a bit this afternoon. Caught a nice Brookie and Rainbow which were quickly returned for an adventure another day. This is a stretch of water that I fish regularly just not usually this far down. Fish are typically few and far between down here but the parking lot was jammed full and no one was down this stretch so it looked like the perfect place to head. 

Rain, rain go away come back another day...

Not much on the fishing front has been accomplished. I did receive a new to me net and a couple of new packs for day trips but with all the rain not much time for the water. We have had rain virtually everyday for the last 7 days with today the first completely rain free day. I did manage to make a quick trip this morning to view the chocolate streams though they weren't as high as I expected they had virtually no visibility in them. I did take my rod and I did catch a few Rainbows for the skillet and had some fried fish for lunch, they were super tasty and only makes me want to get out even more.

As for the new toys to arrive I received a net that was crafted by Sam Lacina over at this net is made from 100% solid curly Maple and has a fit and finish like no other net I have seen before. The seller did change out the standard net for a Tenkara net in brown which complements this net nicely. It didn't come with a net release so I contacted Sam and purchased a leather net release that will be attached to a custom rod sling that I am making for my rods to transport in and out of the field. Here are a few pictures of the net this is Sams American Tenkara Net. I would highly recommend his nets to anyone as they are hand made here in the good ol USA.

I also received a pair of Kelty Vintage Series Mockingbird and Wren Packs. My goal is to find a way to attach them together for a strong day pack that can hold lots of items well organized for a day or longer trip. Currently they are just laying on the floor as I try to find the best way to attack them together. That will be another post for another day. For now I think it is time to grab a nap and follow the weather to see what it has in stock for the upcoming week. Till the next time enjoy and tight lines.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Iowa Trout Trifecta and my Preholiday Chase...


Went out to a local stream and had no plans or thoughts I would pickup my Iowa Trout Trifecta here as the Brook Trout population is very small, and this is the first Brookie I have pulled from this stream in the year I have fished it. The trifecta is the catching of a Brown, Brook, and Rainbow Trout out of the same stream, though I managed to do it this winter at another stream I didn't have pictures of my accomplishment.





Just made a quick trip out before the holiday weekend starts and I hibernate from all the traffic and people running like cavemen through the streams. Fishing was slow, but i managed to land a nice Brookie and a small wild Brown. I did lose a few fish on missed hook sets of came off after a few seconds of playing them in the water.

Enjoy your Memorial Weekend everyone this kicks off the summer for many folks.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Warm days, cold water...

As we start to warm up in these parts I ran to a small stream about an hour away. Not so much to fish but to get some ideas. I've got several write ups in the works on various topics and pieces of equipment , just not sure how to lay it all out. I have recently acquired a Silky SuperAccel 210 packable saw for day and camping trips. I need to get out and get some use on it and with the recent string of storms that have and are expected to come through I should be able to find some nice wood to test on. Also, I have several knives that I pack when on day trips that I would like to review.

Now back to my quick get a way, I have fished this stream all winter long even in the near zero days. It is a gorgeous small creek that is home to Browns, Brooks, and Rainbows. I spent many a day this winter scouting this stream for spring and summer fishing and now it is nearly a bust. There is a ton of sand washing down stream filling in all the holes and undercut banks turning 3' deep pools into 6" deep shallow runs. The pockets of fish seem to keep getting smaller and smaller as the stream fills in. As much as I have to say it I would love to see us get some torrential downpours to wash the stream out and back to its' winter time beauty. I did manage to land a few small fish, and they were quickly released back for another day but I was hoping to find inspiration there today and only left with more questions.

So to close this out it wasn't a horrible day by any means, a sunny 84 with expectations of more severe weather to come tonite. I'm hoping for a bruiser of a storm to clean the stream out and return it to its peaceful flows of yesteryear.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Stocking Days, ugh...

Well I took off early this morning and forgot to check the stocking dates of the area streams. There is this little half mile stretch of stream known as Bankston Park. Pulled into the lot and found the parking lot mostly full. Guess I should have checked to make sure it wasn't stocking day. On any other day there is rarely more then 2 vehicles, usually a couple of older gentleman sitting at the pool by the parking lot with there poles in the water and talking away.

Figured since I was out here I should fight the crowds and see if I could find the local resident wild Browns that live throughout the stream. More then once I had people setup shop not more then 5' away, and I had to restrain myself from playing whack a mole with them. No I really don't mind they stock but few people had any respect as they tore through the streams and casting right next to each other. I tried a few of my standard places for the local Browns, but the fact they put about 500 Rainbows the Browns had gone into hiding so I thought. I did manage to hook a few Rainbows that quickly got off during their jumps at the surface. 

After working my way upstream I found a few pockets I hadn't previously fished on any other trip. Success I finally found some wild Browns that put up a great little fight. I lost 2 of them before I finally landed a nice little 8"er in a small pool. After a few more tries I moved further upstream and made some casts in a deep narrow run that I wade across to cross the stream. 

After a few casts I hooked a really nice Rainbow which I kept on for a minute before he ran downstream and the barbless hook popped out of his mouth. Figured I would make a few last casts before finishing my crossing, BAM it felt like a freight train hit my fly. For nearly 3 minutes I never got to even see what I hooked into as it swam back and forth, then upstream. He took a wild 180 then started to run down stream right past me as I kept the tension on the line. He jumped behind me and I though I lost him as the line went slack, but he started heading upstream again on my other side. He managed to swim around me then back around, and a few minutes later I landed one of the biggest resident Browns I have caught there to date.  

After a few pictures I sent him back to the depths which he came from, hoping to find and meet up with him on another day. The coloring on him was gorgeous, and he fought so much harder than any stocked trout I have ever landed. I worked the rest of the way upstream and landed 2 more resident Browns and lost another after he pulled some fancy moves as I was thigh high in fast water. With all the wading I have been doing I believe I now need to invest into a wading staff as I have found myself in a few precarious positions while in the water.

So for it being as crazy out there as it was I was able to find a bit of peace and some quietude that was much needed. 

The beginning.

Welcome to the upcoming journeys of a Tenkara fisherman and his family. For a quick introduction my name  is Craig, and I became hooked on Tenkara fishing last year while I was doing research on getting into fly fishing. In general our family my wife and our son prefer to spend as much time outside as possible enjoying mother nature. I have been a fisherman most of my life and have enjoyed many years chasing Smallmouth and Walleyes, but after relocating last year I am able to spend many days chasing my favorite family of fish. They are the Trout family including the Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout. These guys put up an amazing fight, and the use of old Japanese techniques such as Tenkara rods which are a fixed line fly rod make this adventure so much more fun.

Many more posts will come as I have more time to post up my previous and my future adventures in Tenkara fishing, backpacking, hammock camping and bushcraft fun.